Pixel Rooms - room escape game -
A new evolution of escape-the-room games!
Clear each room and escort Mr. Pixel to victory!
Plus! A speedrun mode with global rankings!

  Pixel Rooms 2 - room escape game -
Volume 2 of this genre-bending escape game!
Poor Mr. Pixel is trapped in an unfriendly world of doors and corridors.
Solve puzzles to help him escape!
Also comes with a speedrun mode!

A charming series of pixelart rooms to explore!
Tap and swipe your way through each puzzle!
25 brain-tickling stages!
Speedrun mode with global rankings!
It’s free!

Platforms: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android
Art, sound, and game design: SKIPMORE (Y.Kimura)
Programming: URARA-WORKS (M.Yonehara)
Translation: NEP

Copyright©2014 SKIPMORE. All rights reserved.